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Page 12 Dear Friends and Supporters Over the past 59 years United Way of Natrona County has been honored to serve the needs of our residents and partner agencies. Our collaborative efforts have focused on providing funding and resources to non-profit programs and services right here in Natrona County. In doing so we have identified and set forth standards which are essential for accounting to you our donors so you have confidence that your donations are being used in a prudent and effective manner. As we embark on the years ahead we are eager to continue serving Natrona County and seek ways to build upon our past successes in order to improve the quality of life for our residents. In that effort two years ago we started the process of transitioning our operations into a Collective Impact Model. The Collective Impact Model maintains our historical practice of funding programs and services provided by partnering non-profit agencies while incorporating greater needs analysis and financial accountability. This model integrates greater community collaboration and programic accountability into our ongoing efforts. Consequently United Way of Natrona County will be able to pursue a more strategic alignment of programs and services with the needs of Natrona County. What this will mean for Natrona County is i a stronger alignment of donor funding and collaborative agency resources with the real-time needs of area residents and ii improved reporting of outcomes outputs and measurable results. In short we are striving to ensure your dollars are put to work where they are needed the most. While the transition will take some time and effort to finalize we are excited to provide some initial outcomes and outputs in this annual report so you can take pride in the true impact your donations have made in the lives of others. Thank you for your assistance in obtaining our goals. We can truly say that without your backing none of this would be possible. While some economic outlooks for the coming year may cause concern one fact remains certain our community and its health are important to all of us. With your continued support and participation we will continue to improve the quality of life for those who need our help and build a stronger community for all to prosper in. Best Regards Ryan Ford President Mike Burnett Executive Director United Way of Natrona County Board of Directors United Way of Natrona County 2