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Page 12 BASIC NEEDS Addressing the basic needs of food shelter safety and emergency crisis. Partnered with Wyoming Food Bank of the Rockies to help provide more than 2.2 million pounds of food to 40 hunger relief programs in Natrona County. Partnered with Interfaith of Natrona County to help provide 153 motel rooms to keep 255 individualsfamilies with children from harsh winter. Partnered with CASA Court Appointed Special Advocates to help 79 children find a safe and permanent home more quickly. That is 79 children who spent approximately 8 months less time in foster care. Partnered with Youth Crisis Center to provide group home services to 27 youth in Natrona County. Partnered with Childrens Advocacy Project to help provide 144 children in Natrona County with Therapeutic Counseling Services. Partnered with Community Action Partnership to help 43 patients access Disability Income therefore stabilizing income that can lead to permanent housing. Partnered with The Salvation Army to help provide over 20000 hot meals to low income individuals and families. Partnered with Self Help Center to help provide approximately 200 women and children with a Crisis Shelter throughout the year. HEALTH AND WELLNESS Improving the general health and wellbeing for families and the community. A special emphasis for programs serving senior citizens and individuals. Partnered with Mercer Family Resource Center to provide early intervention and educational services to over 2500 youth and families in Natrona County. Provided FamilyWize prescription discount cards to anyone in the community who didnt have a prescription plan. Helped saved Natrona County residents over 23000 in prescription medicine costs. In 2014 The ARC of Natrona County had 60 participants present at the ARC Inclusion Summer Camp. Partnered with The ARC of Natrona County to provide services to families of 24 disabled children that allowed their parents to maintain or acquire employment that otherwise would not have been able to. Partnered with Wyoming Senior Citizens to help provide over 200homeboundorolderadultsandindividualswithdisabilities receive services that allowed them to live independently. YOUTH DEVELOPMENT Providing positive programs and activities geared at character building positive community participation as well as supporting a successful education from kindergarten through high school. Partnered with Boy Scouts of America and Girl Scouts of Wyoming to help provide more than 1300 boys and girls from Natrona County with personal development programs. Partnered with Boys and Girls Club of Central Wyoming to help provide an outcome-driven club experience for more than 2000 youth. Partnered with Child Development Center to provide a free developmental screening to more than 1000 Natrona County Children. The free screening is offered to all children of Natrona County age newborn to 5. Partnered with Head Start to help provide early childhood development and preschool services free of charge to more than 138 Natrona County children ages 3-5. SPECIAL PROJECTS INITIATIVES- 4 YOUTH DEVELOPMENT- 20 HEALTH WELLNESS- 26 BASIC NEEDS- 50 4 SPECIAL PROJECTS INITIATIVES WYOMING FREE TAX SERVICE SUCCESS BY 6 PROGRAM DEVELOPMENT OUTCOMES OUTPUT