United Way of Natrona County for Campbell County!

The United Way of Campbell County announced on August 23, 2019 that they would be closing their doors permanently after supporting the Gillette-area community for 40 years. Recognizing the serious negative impact this closure would have on Campbell County residents and nonprofit organization, the United Way of Natrona County (UWNC) happily offered our fiscal support to the community. 

UWNC feels strongly that United Way’s purpose and assistance is critical in the Gillette-area and are proud to keep the support for local agencies in the community. UWNC will help secure, process, and distribute funds but all allocation decisions will continue to be made by a local Community Investment Committee, ensuring Gillette-area nonprofits receive donations from and for their own community.

The declining energy sector in Gillette no doubt played a role in the organization’s operations. As donations dwindled, the United Way of Campbell County began operating on an all-volunteer basis during its last year in operation. Despite the board’s best efforts and support from many long-time corporate partners, donations had dropped too much to justify the ongoing expenses of paid staff. The decision for UWNC to step in was, in part, influenced by a number of Natrona County companies, who’ve long supported United Way’s efforts, and who also have representation/branches in Campbell County. After the closure was announced, these corporate sponsors continued their Workplace Campaign in Campbell County  (which runs annually from August to May), insisting that there be a way for their donations to remain ongoing in the community.

UWNC is proud to provide the fiscal assistance and operational oversight that will allow for the Workplace Campaign and subsequent funds to continue, so that local nonprofits can receive the support they need and the Campbell County community can continue to LIVE UNITED.

If you are interested in donating to United Way and/or want to organize a workplace campaign within your company, we’re here to help!  For more information about how you can continue to support nonprofits in Campbell County through UWNC please contact us.

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