2021 Workplace Campaign: How YOU want to Fundraise

The United Way of Natrona County kicks off our 66th Workplace Campaign this August. While much has changed in our world this year, with your help, United Way of Natrona County (UWNC) can “fill the gap” for local nonprofit agencies through our 2021 Workplace Campaign. 

Kicking off in August, the Workplace Campaign is an annual challenge to Natrona County businesses to organize workplace fundraising to help address Natrona County’s greatest needs. This year’s Workplace Campaign theme is “filling the gap,” which highlights the gaps in financial support received by local nonprofits, particularly this year, and how UWNC grants serve to fill them.  In 2019, more than 94% of United Way of Natrona County’s funds were a direct result of generous companies whose leaders recognized the importance of addressing community needs and committed to an annual giving campaign within their workplaces. Because of their efforts, $550,000 was granted to 31 organizations.

In light of the unprecedented events of 2020 and the continuing effects on employment and our economy, the funds raised from this collective effort is more important to local nonprofits than ever before. We understand the effects COVID-19 has had on for profit businesses as well. Fortunately, the Workplace Campaign is different than other fundraising activities. 

No matter what is happening in your company, UWNC works with you, catering to your needs and the state of your business. Through the Workplace Campaign, UWNC offers a personal touch, considering how you want to be approached, how youwant to raise funds, and how youwould like us to support your efforts. Each business can tailor its campaign to its workforce and desired outcomes. Whether you’re a large corporation or a small business, we can help develop the perfect plan for your company’s culture, giving capabilities, and desired impact.

While last year’s campaign kick-off was celebrated with a picnic at Crossroads Park in Casper. We’re proceeding with an abundance of caution given the COVID-19 pandemic.  Please continue to follow us on Facebook for updates and announcements about how we will kick off this year’s Workplace Campaign.

Learn more about initiating a Workplace Campaign and consider becoming a Campaign Coordinator. Please also feel free to reach out to discuss your campaign ideas and any questions you have. The UWNC staff is here to support your business’s way of fundraising and is happy to talk about all the options for achieving your fundraising goals. With your help, we can “fill the gap” in Natrona County!

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