Converse County logoUnited Way of Natrona County has served the Converse County Community for over 5 years now allowing for dedicated companies to hold annual workplace campaigns and continue to support their neighbors greatest needs.




Community Investment Committee Members

Ron Casalenda- Chief of Police, City of Douglas
Vicki Rupert- Deputy Director, Wyoming State Fair & Rodeo
Melanie Cielinski- Administrator, Glenrock Health Center
Nick Linford- Sales Manager, Hilltop Bank
Melissa Rouse- Production Assistant, Chesapeake Energy Corp.

United Way of Natrona County Board of Directors

Are you interested in great opportunity to serve your community, help United Way make decisions that impact the greatest needs in Converse County with a commitment of less than 24 hours a year?  Apply to represent your community on our Board of Directors!  For more information email


Why hold a Workplace Campaign?

Holding a UNITED WAY campaign provides your employees with a rewarding team building experience and allows your organization an opportunity to play a direct role in supporting the greatest needs of our community.

What does it take to run a campaign?

Every Workplace Campaign looks different and is developed to specifically meet your company's desired outcomes.  It can be as simple and convenient as coordinating donations through payroll deduction or could involve a season or series of fundraising event and activities throughout your campaign.  Our team at UNITED WAY OF NATRONA COUNTY can assist with materials, education and information as well as spend time with your leadership or entire team helping to engage and raise awareness of the impact of investment to the UNITED WAY and our partner agencies.

Employee Campaign Coordinators

At the heart of our Workplace Campaign is our volunteer Employee Campaign Coordinators (ECC) serving as the face, the cheerleader, the change-maker at the company level.  Through education and inspiration these folks drive home the mission of UNITED WAY and help raise interest and enthusiasm for individual involvement.

If you are currently an ECC, click on our toolbox below for resources that will help you throughout every stage of your campaign—from your initial meetings with Senior Management to thanking and celebrating your donors. If you have questions or need help, we are just an e-mail or phone call away.

For information about running a first-time campaign, please contact Gayle or Anna at 307.237.9367.

Converse County Workplace Campaign Companies

Chesapeake Energy

Devon Energy

Hilltop Bank

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