UNITED WAY OF NATRONA COUNTY strives to offer nonprofit partner organizations maximum value for participation in our network.  Partnering with UNITED WAY OF NATRONA COUNTY gives your nonprofit access to funding through workplace giving campaigns. Through these campaigns, employee donations directly support over 31 agencies and programs focusing on Basic Needs, Health & Wellness and Youth Development. Click here to visit Our Work page and find specific information about these focus areas.

UNITED WAY nonprofit partners must meet a strict set of eligibility criteria annually. This provides assurance to our donors, sponsors and supporters that UNITED WAY’s nonprofit partner organizations meet the highest standards of financial transparency and accountability. All UNITED WAY OF NATRONA COUNTY partners are locally-based, 501c(3) nonprofit organizations, providing local services in right here in Natrona County.


How does my 501(c)3 apply for funding?

New and current nonprofits who wish to renew their affiliation with UNITED WAY or are interested in becoming partners are required to complete a Grant Application annually. The next UNITED WAY OF NATRONA COUNTY grant application process for the campaign year opens in January 2021.

How and when is funding determined?

In February our Community Investment Committee, made up of community representatives and members of the UNITED WAY OF NATRONA COUNTY Board of Directors, will meet to review applications and determine fund allocations.

What are my benefits as a Partner Agency?

In addition to funding, UNITED WAY OF NATRONA COUNTY can help you engage your current donors, promote your work to new supporters, advocate on your behalf and recruit new volunteers.  We also encourage and support a peer network amongst our partners and can offer connections to local and regional professional development opportunities.


What are my requirements as a Partner Agency?

Partner agencies are required to attend quarterly Community Investment Committee meetings, share outputs and outcomes along with a bi-annual report of impact to UNITED WAY OF NATRONA COUNTY.  We also ask that agencies participate in UNITED WAY OF NATRONA COUNTY events, host a Workplace Campaign as well as recognize and promote UNITED WAY through marketing and social media.


A dedicated group of volunteers make up the UNITED WAY OF NATRONA COUNTY Community Impact Committee. This group determines the pressing needs in Natrona County and determines how UNITED WAY funds should be spent in order to effect the greatest amount of positive change in the community.

Basic needs

  • Stacia “Stacy” Hill – Natrona County (CM)
  • Stacy M. Nelson – Children’s Advocacy Project (BM)

Health & Wellness

  • CodyLou Talbert – The ARC of Natrona County (CM)
  • Kendra Ziler – Casper Event Center (CM)
  • Mike Phillips – Wyoming Behavioral Institute (BM)

Youth Development

  • Fleur Tremel – City of Casper (BM)
  • Luke Munsell – Wyoming Machinery (BM)
  • Matt Kilmer – Wyld Gear (BM)
  • Rebekah Ladd – Casper Police Department (CM)
  • Shane True – AB Resources (BM)
  • Trevor Mahlum – Casper College (CM)
  • Lisa Scroggins – Natrona County Library (CM)

Success By Six

  • Mari Stoll – Retired Natrona County School District #1 (CM)



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