Put a little “FUN” in FUNdraising

This past August, the United Way of Natrona County kicked off their 65th Workplace Campaign. This annual challenge invites Natrona County businesses to organize a workplace fundraiser to help address Natrona County’s greatest needs. While it’s the most wonderful time of the year to give back, it’s also a good time of year to be reminded how FUN a workplace campaign fundraiser can be!

Facilitating a United Way workplace campaign can be as simple as coordinating donations through payroll deduction or could involve a series of fundraising events and activities throughout your campaign. The best part? Each business that participates can tailor the campaign to its workforce and desired outcomes. When it comes collecting donations, the sky’s the limit!

Check out a few of these FUNdraising activities that can kick your campaign up a notch!

  • Cubical/Office Decorating Contest- $3 to enter, $5 to opt out. *This is a great addition to office holiday celebrations!
  • White Elephant Auction– Encourage staff to bring a wrapped item for auction to display in a breakroom or hallway, then start bidding!
  • Crock Pot/Chili Cook-Off– Nothing brings coworkers together like food and a little healthy competition. Assign teams or departments to bring in the food item of choice, charge $5 to sample, and vote on a variety of categories.
  • Dressed This Way for United Way– You’d be surprised how much someone may ante up to wear jeans on a Friday or show their team spirit with Jersey Day. So many dress options to consider!
  • Swear Jar—During your designated campaign period, any employee caught swearing puts $1 in the jar! Raise the stakes by adding higher amounts for management swearing in a meeting or assign a higher payout depending on the word.
  • Office Lingo Bingo—Implement this fun classic during your next office meeting–$2 to play! When you fill a row or column with common office buzzwords, offer up a fun prize for the winner and keep the game rolling throughout your campaign.

Facilitating a campaign at your workplace provides employees with a rewarding team building experience and allows your organization an opportunity to play a direct role in supporting the greatest needs of our community. No matter how big or small, your office can make a difference—why not have a little fun doing it?

There’s still more than enough time to implement any of the above ideas. To learn more about the Workplace campaign and organizing your own, contact us.  If you’re interested in coordinating a campaign in your office, download our Toolkit to get started! We are also here to help with supplies or answer any questions you have! Let the FUN begin!

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