YOU SHARED, WE LISTENED! Community Impact Survey Update

Back in June, the United Way of Natrona County released the 2019 Community Impact Survey, encouraging residents of Natrona County to speak up and offer feedback about what they feel are the community’s most pressing needs and how our organization can best address those needs. We also wanted to know how respondents wanted to be engaged.

The survey was distributed at various community events UWNC attended throughout the summer, emailed to our contacts, distributed to various media outlets, and promoted on social medial channels in an effort to spread the word far and wide.

While we are continuing to gather feedback, we wanted to share some of the insight we’ve received so far:  

According to the 33 responses to date, the top 5 greatest needs are:

  1. Mental Health (53.33%)
  2. Lack of Affordable Housing (50.00%)
  3. Access to Health Care (46.67%)
  4. Food Insecurity (46.67%)
  5. Substance Abuse (43.33%)

40.63% of surveyors donate to United Way because they feel that their donation makes a bigger impact on the community.

Feedback Preferences:

  • 51.61% prefer stories from the people that benefit from their contribution.
  • 48.39% prefer statistics/infographics that show what their contribution helped accomplish.

40.63% feel that United Way of Natrona County would need to improve their outreach in order to have a bigger impact on the community’s needs.

65.63% of surveyors prefer to be contacted via e-mail rather than through a personal contact/phone call, text or social media.

71.88% of respondents feel that the main purpose of United Way of Natrona County is to partner with other non-profits.

So far, this survey has offered excellent insight into how our organization is received and more importantly where residents want to see us focus our resources and efforts to the areas that need them most. But we want to learn more!

This survey takes less than four minutes to complete, so please join other Natrona County residents in sharing your voice. Your input is not only valued, it is critical in helping us LIVE UNITED.


The United Way of Natrona County works to improve lives by mobilizing the caring power of our community, giving everyone an opportunity to participate in the outcome. The organization secures and provides financial resources to 25 partner agencies, supports advocates, and coordinates volunteers. Contact us to learn more!

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