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For Companies,UNITED WAY OF NATRONA COUNTY is proud to have built a network of socially responsible businesses and organizations each finding their own path for investment within the many opportunities our organization has to offer. From large corporations to small businesses, we can help develop the perfect plan for your company's culture, giving capabilities, and desired impact. We promise you'll be in good company.


Over 94% of UNITED WAY OF NATRONA COUNTY'S funds raised come from generous companies whose leaders have chosen to share their philanthropic goals through an annual giving campaign within the workplace.

What does it take to run a campaign?

Every Workplace Campaign looks different and is developed to specifically meet your company's desired outcomes. It can be as simple and convenient as coordinating donations through payroll deduction or could involve a season or series of fundraising event and activities throughout your campaign. Our team at UNITED WAY OF NATRONA COUNTY can assist with materials, education and information as well as spend time with your leadership or entire team helping to engage and raise awareness of the impact of investment to the UNITED WAY and our partner agencies.

Why hold a Workplace Campaign?

Holding a UNITED WAY campaign provides your employees with a rewarding team building experience and allows your organization an opportunity to play a direct role in supporting the greatest needs of our community.

Employee Campaign Coordinators

At the heart of our Workplace Campaign is our volunteer Employee Campaign Coordinators (ECC) serving as the face, the cheerleader, the change-maker at the company level. Through education and inspiration these folks drive home the mission of UNITED WAY OF NATRONA COUNTY and help raise interest and enthusiasm for individual involvement.

If you are currently an ECC, click on our toolbox below for resources that will help you throughout every stage of your campaign-from your initial meetings with Senior Management to thanking and celebrating your donors. If you have questions or need help, we are just an e-mail or phone call away.

For information about running a first-time campaign, please contact Gayle or Nikki at 307.237.9367.


When corporate social responsibility (CSR) is recognized as part of a company's business model the benefits can be far reaching. If you are exploring how CSR can positively impact your organizations publicity, raise employee morale and improve your relationship with your community -OR- you've already created a CSR plan for your organization and want to share your success with those still exploring, we'd love to be a part of the conversation. UNITED WAY OF NATRONA COUNTY understands the importance of social responsibility and is working to connect community-focused organizations and facilitate peer-to-peer discussions surrounding the topic of social responsibility through a network of like-minded community leaders and stakeholders. To join the conversation, contact Nikki at 307.237.9367.


Volunteerism not only provides value to the community but it can have great benefits for your company. Companies who promote volunteerism see increased employee retention and loyalty; ignite community awareness and give your company an advantage in attracting new employees in a competitive job market. UNITED WAY OF NATRONA COUNTY is thrilled to offer a number of opportunities to engage your employees in volunteer activities in our community...including custom designed projects to meet your commitment to the community! We've developed on-site team building opportunities, full day projects as well as long-term commitment type opportunities. Reach out today to see how we can assist you in developing a Workplace Volunteer Program.


Supporting UNITED WAY through a Corporate Sponsorship not only helps us meet our goals and achieve great things but can be an exciting opportunity for your company to raise awareness and show the community your willingness to invest in the betterment of Natrona County.

We have a number of great activities and events planned throughout the year and would love to discuss a partnership opportunity perfectly suited to you! Contact us to set up a meeting today!