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Ask about our non-profit grant program in Casper, WY

The team at United Way of Natrona County is happy to collaborate with other non-profit organizations in Casper, WY. We offer fundraising assistance and a non-profit grant program to help organizations like yours succeed. Through workplace giving campaigns, people throughout the area have donated to more than 35 programs and agencies. We've used their community donations to meet basic needs and support health, wellness and youth development.

Get in touch with us to learn more

When you reach out to us, we can discuss our non-profit grant program in detail. We'll go over:

  • The fund application process
  • The application timeline
  • The details and expectations of our partnership program
We can help you strengthen your organization, support human services and foster self-sufficiency in the community. Email us now to schedule a meeting about community donations or the grant program.