Emergency Food and Shelter Application

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Natrona County ID No. 930200

Program expenditures are limited to food, meals, shelter (either in a mass sheltering facility or a motel/hotel), rent/mortgage assistance and utility assistance. Agencies will be selected to receive funds to supplement and extend eligible ongoing services, not to provide funding in anticipation of a needed service (i.e., fire victims, flood, tornadoes, etc.); nor will agencies be selected for funding due to budget shortfalls or for cuts in other funding sources.

EFSP funds are not intended to become a regular and expected part of any agency's operating budget. Nor are these funds intended to make up for budget cuts in other funding sources.

Any agency that applies for FEMA EFSP funds may contact the local board chair to appeal the decision impacting their agency. A written appeal must be filed within three business days of notification of award. The local board chair will convene a meeting with the board members within three business days and response will be forthcoming to the applicant within one business day.

Emergency Food and Shelter Program funds are intended to respond to the changing hunger/homeless needs both nationally and locally; not to maintain the status quo.