Natrona County COVID-19 Community Relief Fund

To lessen the financial burden many individuals and families in our community are faced with due to COVID-19, the United Way of Natrona County (UWNC) has initiated the Natrona County COVID-19 Community Relief Fund. With initial financial backing from Jonah Bank, UWNC calls for additional financial donations to support those most vulnerable in Natrona County during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Natrona County COVID-19 Community Relief Fund, managed by UWNC, is specifically intended to provide emergency assistance to individuals and families in need as a direct result of COVID-19 or loss of resources as a result of COVID-19 related closures. Support will include the most immediate needs, such as: food and food supplies, personal products (diapers, hand soap, toilet paper, etc.), prescription and medical supplies, as well as mortgage, rent and utility payments.

With the community's added contribution to the Natrona County COVID-19 Community Relief Fund, we can help ensure that those most vulnerable during this challenging time receive the assistance they need.


“For 65 years United Way has brought together individuals and groups to support the ongoing needs of Natrona County. Though we find ourselves amidst a number of great uncertainties, one thing we are certain of is that together, UNITED, we will get through this.  

We’re grateful to have the relationships and infrastructure in place as well as the trust of our generous community to manage and distribute their donations to those individuals and families that need it most.”

- UWNC Executive Director, Anna Wilcox

How do I contribute to the fund?

  • Find us on Facebook and click “Donate” on related posts.
  • Drop off donations through the Jonah Bank drive-through window (777 W. 1st St. or 3730 E. 2nd St. in Casper).
  • Mail in checks (less encouraged due to social distancing, but still an option).

Who has contributed to the fund so far?

  • As the first funding partner to commit to this effort, Jonah Bank has pledged $10,000 to the Natrona County COVID-19 Community Relief Fund.
  • UWNC had pledged $10,000 and will absorb administrative costs for the handling and processing of donations.

How will funds be distributed?

  • With the help of an Advisory Committee made up of community leaders and UWNC staff and board representatives, UWNC hopes to begin distribution of funds approximately 14 days following initiation.
  • To ensure that dollars are distributed in the most timely and efficient manner, UWNC will work with and through nonprofit and community partners to identify those most at-risk of losing vital income to support their families or with little to no access to critical resources.
  • View the Authorization and Intake Information Sheet for Assistance

For questions about the Natrona County COVID-19 Community Relief fund, feel free to contact us at or call (307) 237-9367.